Tijana Stojičić was born in Belgrade in 1983 and holds a master's degree in English language and literature. She creates under the artistic name Tikka. As a contemporary artist, she has devoted herself to visual art in the field of abstract painting. Tikka creates paintings that employ mainly acrylics and mixed media. Apart from being a Serbian to English translator and interpreter, her passion is translating reality into art.

Her latest works are inspired by the Mediterranean coast, the ever-changing nature of the sea, and the mesmerizing sound of ocean waves. By using pronounced texture and combining different techniques, she transfers the harmonious relationship between elusive waves and seemingly rough, rocky Mediterranean shores onto canvas, highlighting the organic patterns present in the vastness of the sea.

Her paintings are driven by emotions and depict a flirtatious game of the pinches of realismus and liberating abstractus. The gift of creativity has always been encoded in her DNA.

She creates and works in Belgrade.

Izlagačka aktivnost:

Jun 2020. godine - Međunarodna kolektivna izložba „Beogradski umetnički salon“, Galerija Kuće legata u Beogradu.

Septembar 2020. godine - prva samostalna izložba pod nazivom „Evokacije” u galeriji Centra za obrazovanje i kulturu „Božidarac 1947“.

Septembar i oktobar 2020. godine:
samostalna izložba, „Belgrade Art Show – Art Matine“, Beograd

Decembar 2020. godine:
grupna izložba, „Belgrade Art Show – Art Weekend“, galerija Centra za obrazovanje i kulturu „Božidarac 1947“, Beograd

Mart 2021. godine:
samostalna izložba „Morfologija nade", Ostavinska galerija, Beograd

Maj 2021, godine:
grupna izložba, galerija „Poktovica”, Centar za kulturu „Vlada Divljan”, Beograd

Jul 2021. godine:
samostalna izložba, „Belgrade Art Show – Art Matine“, Beograd

Avgust 2021. godine:
samostalna izložba, Ušće Shopping Center (centralni trg), Beograd

June 2023 - collective exhibition, Contemporary Art Fair Belgrade in „Cvijeta Zuzorić“ Art Pavilion (the first venue built specifically as an exhibition space, or an art gallery, in Serbia)

Živi i radi: Srbija, Beograd

Tijana Stojičić Tikka na SerbianaArt-u od 29.02.2020.

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