My name is Žanet Godnič Bakoš. I was born in 1983. I grew up in Kanjiža, a little town at the banks of the Tisa river. Already as a child I liked drawing, and my love for animals, the Tisa river and nature was even back then very obvious. After I had finished grammar school in Senta, I chose to continue my studies in a field which was so different from me. In 2010 I graduated from the University of Economics in Subotica. Having graduated, I joined a family business, which was running a dyehouse in my hometown. Some time later, I moved to Subotica, got married and in a relatively short time got three sons. As a full-time mom, I gradually started moving away from the bustling world and getting back to the rhythm of nature, the place where I originated from as a newborn. As time was passing I felt a growing desire for creation. As if some invisible force was directing me towards the way I had to take. I started sewing. I was making angel figures which helped me find my own self. I fell in love with calligraphy, and then, watercolour entered my life. I started painting in 2021. Since the first moves of the brush, some beautiful feelings in me have been released. I began self teaching about it. I started painting birds, and some time later scenery and flowers. Having started with realistic birds, now, two years later, I`m wandering somewhere between impressionism and abstract painting, depending on my mood. I like to paint scenery from my surroundings, and when I travel I try to take photos of nature which I later turn into paintings as I see them in my soul. I was very surprised when a composer from New York contacted me for he had been inspired by one of my paintings, hence composed a piano piece. That privilege was a positive confirmation that I am heading in the right direction. I have been led by angels and stars to be where I am now, to fly with them over the earth to the sky while I paint...

Živi i radi: Srbija, Subotica

Godnič Bakoš Žanet na SerbianaArt-u od 04.02.2022.

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