Snezana Dubajic I was born, live and work in Belgrade. I have been a painter for fifty years. The late academic painter Cvetko Lainovic was my mentor, since childhood, when he recognized my talent. Until his death, he was present in all my phases, experiments. I am sending you the letter left behind from 1997. I exhibited from 1984-1987 in SFRY (Sarajevo, Dubrovnik, Split) Belgrade, and in Switzerland (Bill, Basel, Arrow). In 1988, I opened a creative corner called Sindjel Scena, where paintings, designs, marble, carpentry and tattoos were made according to my designs. I sold a large number of paintings and sculptures in that space. Since 1988 I have not exhibited anymore because my paintings were exhibited and sold well. The contact person for the sale of paintings is my husband Zvonimir Dobrijević, 065 2886842, mail.

Živi i radi: Srbija, Beograd

Dubajić Snežana na SerbianaArt-u od 16.10.2020.

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